Monticello Motor Club, USA – A Country Club Paradise For Racing

source site – A Driver’s Paradise – A Country Club For Racing – AutoSpies Auto News

I read about a Country Club in New York designed for people who like to drive fast cars, fast. Some people join country clubs for golf, in the case of the Monticello Motor Club, you join to drive fast.

Built at the site of a retired airport, developers have designed a race track with over 400 feet in elevation change, a sweeping corner with a 8 degree bank, and a straightaway capable of blasts up to 200 MPH.

Sound to good to be true? Well it is and it isn’t.

this looks like an interesting place. why can’t car enthusiasts have a country club like the golfers do? perhaps i need to do a bit of research on the appropriate model and economics of doing so. i believe there is a market, but a very small one, so only one country club might be doable at the moment.

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