Artist Renderings: BMW S.X. Concept

source site – Artist Renderings: BMW S.X. Concept



The BMW world doesn’t suffer from lack of rendering artists – some better than others – especially since the BMW design language is one of the most interesting ones among automakers.

We have seen in the past several independent renderings that usually try to fill the gap of a missing BMW supercar on the market: M-Zero Concept, Supercar Concept and M Concept. There were also several design studies among the students at several European universities, some of these projects even sanctioned by BMW: Concepts of the future or the LayerON Personalized Car.

Well, today, another talented rendering artists makes waves around the web with a new concept: BMW S.X.


i think we’ve waited far too long for a true BMW super car. is it no wonder that there are so many artist impressions / rendering of what BMW’s next mid engine super car would look like? surely BMW is doing something?

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