Web Updates – Drupal patching, CSS layouts

I am planning to do a few things:

  1. installing a taxanomy access control module
    I did some research on the subject by first visiting http://drupal.org/ and went straight to the drupal module downloads. Read a bit on the taxonomy access module and find that this would require me to patch the existing core taxonomy.module – now I am no expert on unix patching and my linux host only provides me a cpanel access… so I cannot do patching without a shell access to the host. Also read that patching also is a bit of a minefield, so scratch that thought. Let’s wait for another solution to come up.
  2. installing a web links module
    The weblinks.module for 4.6 has been reworked and the directory module has been removed. This is done in anticipation of a “links bundle” which is supposedly better built.
  3. re-designing the layouts using CSS
    There are a few links on the www which are very useful references in this regard. But I think I shall post them on a separate page.

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