dr randy pausch last lectures talks about dreams & quality of life

dr randy pausch died on 25 july 2008 age 47. the father of 3 was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and lost his battle, but not before giving a series of lectures called the “last lecture”. he talks nothing about the disease, religion or dispair. but his brilliant spirit shines through as he talks about achieving dreams, help others achieve their dreams and the quality of life in general.

very moving.

the first one is done on oprah winfrey (~10mins)…

a full 1 hour plus version was done at carnegie mellon (www.cmu.edu).

these lectures should be mandatory lectures for people at all ages and in all institutions. very inspiring and moving.

the life messages are very important to all of us.

his interviews…

his videos garnered more than 10million views at youtube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ji5_MqicxSo&feature=related

are you a tigger or ey-yore?

Bill Gates’ new mission: Saving lives

source site – TG Daily – Bill Gates’ new mission: Saving lives

When you already have transformed the way the world works, what do you do with the second half of your life? Ask Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft, the insanely rich guy we so often loved to hate, but who is being credited with bringing computing to the mainstream. Today, Gates released the first annual letter describing his new role at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. What we read is a passionate introduction to the challenges and goals of his charity. And I remember the old saying: There are those who say they are saving lives, and those who actually do.

this is pretty inspirational. yes, i do not like bill gates the microsoft man. but bill gates the man, is a different matter altogether. even at microsoft he was singularly focused on changing the way we work. i believe that this singular focus will allow him to achieve good things with his foundation. his work at the foundation is described on his 2009 annual letter.

this is one of the best ways to see wealth being shared across the world.

One laptop per child project

The One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) project got me excite about a year back when I saw Nicholas Negroponte’s video keynote address (35 minute video clip).

The project is an education project aimed at putting one laptop for each child – especially in the developing nations. The key objective is to provide children with the best education possible and access to latest information and communication no matter where they are and how unfortunate the society that they live in.

The reason this project is so exciting is the solution to achieve this: the USD100 laptop, which uses low power and is able to operate even in places where electricity is not available. As for communications, the only prerequisite is a communications node. The laptops will provide a mesh network to allow communication beyond the nodes and into the homes.

What makes me curious though, is why isn’t Malaysia on the list of countries supporting this project? Anybody can connect this to the Minister of Education?