Danke Michael

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The F1 career of the most successful formula one driver of all time is about to come to a close this sunday. Much as i hate the guy’s guts, i must say that Michael Schumacher has been the closest you will ever get to a perfect formula one driver. Fast, fit, aggressive, technical, analytical, smart, strong teamplayer, good pr – everything a modern day f1 driver should be. And this shows in the monumental statistics accumulated by the man. He has just about broken every f1 numbers record apart from the most race starts (IIRC, just 6 shy of Ricardo Patrese’s 256 starts).

The numbers (wins, wdcs, poles) starts to become meaningless now, but what is important is that Schumi dominated his era more than anybody has ever done before. He has worked to build a strong team that supports him since day one. It is also noteworthy that Schumi’s team of Ross Brawn, Rory Byrne and other technical people have been with him almost throughout his f1 career. This kind of stability is also unprecedented in many sports.

Schumi’s debut race at Spa in 1991 – more than 15 years ago – marked the coming of a legend. Shame that f1 was deprived of the spectacle of battles between Senna and Schumi in the mid 90s. That would have been legendary as well.

Still after 15 years at the top, Schumi is still there at the top. But this time round, it is Fernando Alonso who is his challenger. Alonso has proven to be a worthy successor. A worthy holder of the F1 crown. Like Schumi, Alonso’s ability to pull something out of the bag when on paper he shouldn’t – gives him a certain aura of success that Schumi had long held before.

F1 today has grown tremendously partly due to Schumi’s exploits – he polarises opinions of f1 followers who either want to see how many more records he will break, or who will finally humble the great man.

For me, all i can say is Danke Michael for the privilege of witnessing something very special in f1.

As a parting surprise, Shell released a couple of videos of Schumacher….

Schumi conducts a quick pitstop:

Schumi in a petrol station queue:

Schumi – is he real?

Congrats to A1 Team Malaysia & Alex Yoong!

Congratulations to Alex Yoong and A1 Team Malaysia for winning the second round of the 06/07 A1GP season at Brno today.

It was a strong day for Team Malaysia as Alex had driven consistently in the top 3 during qualifying and rounded that up with a stong start to finish victory in the sprint race. He followed this up with another victory in the feature race!

This is the second & third victory achieved by Alex Yoong and Team Malaysia in the new international racing series. Well done.

Now, can we have that live free to air tv coverage?

A blown tyre and a ride with Kah Beng

A bit of an eventful day today.

Caught the first half of the Germany vs Costa Rica match and did not wake up in time to make my way towards Sepang for the 2nd High Performance Challenge structured track day event.

I got up realising that I had to rush to the sepang circuit. I suppose in the rush I picked up a puncture (on my right rear) along the way to the Sg Buloh toll plaza. Once on the highway, the puncture got worse and resulted in a tyre blow-out. Luckily I was driving within the speed limit, and the bimmer was well within its limits.

The blow out was a bit of an inconvenience. I had to replace the shredded tyre. The spare was not of the right size. Potentially, I had to replace both rear tyres if I could not get the same model. It turned out I couldn’t… not without waiting much longer. So… two new tyres today.

The new Dunlop Direzza’s do not seem as firm as the old Yokohamas. A little less surefooted around the fast corners. Well, I’ll use it for a while and try other tyre models when it is time.

Got to the track at around 12noon. The orphans from two foster homes had already arrived (invited by RMCC – Ronald McDonalds Childrens Charity). The kids had a lot of fun being taxi-driven around the Sepang Circuit in a variety of cars ranging from the Lotus Elise (driven by the always fearless Kah Beng) to an Opel Zafira.

I got my chance later in the evening to hitch a ride with Kah Beng (pic above – wearing cap) and to observe the man at work. The amazing thing about the Elise is the braking point… which was some 75m from the entry into turns 1 and 15. He would drive the elise very close to the limits of adhesion with many opposite lock corrections. Spun once. Interesting to note his line through turns 13 and 14. I would like to see a slightly different line through that complex to see how the exit into the back straight would be like. Also took a ride in Luen’s track car (a bare bones Satria). Good stuff all round.

For more information about the High Performance Challenge, please do visit the website… and also help contribute towards our Racing For Children initiative.