my-KART project updates

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One of the best things that I’ve been involved with outside of family and work is the things that Azlan and I started with my-KART.

my-KART started out as a way that Azlan and I could have regular kart races with our friends. We previously found it very difficult to get a good “quorum” individually so decided to “pool” our group of friends. We then formed the Yahoo mailing list and that was when the interest spread quickly – mainly thru word of mouth.

Today (Nov 05) we have something like 170 registered members (give or take 20). And we constantly attract around 40 participants for our monthly races and our quarterly enduros.

We now see a lot of opportunities opening up to my-KART. Certainly, my-KART has a key role in shaping the motorsports industry in Malaysia. Our vision of building racing talent for the country through popularising grassroots motorsports starts with the amateurs, the PBEM (professionals, businessmen, executives and managers) segment, the casual enthusiast, the parents, local companies, car-clubs and not forgetting the youngsters who are the country’s future. To this end our aims and behaviours must be noble and sincere. We must ensure we build the community and awareness whether they race or not.

Over the next few months until end 2006 we shall focus on 5 key areas (in no particular order):

  • community: building the community & be active in social activities
  • members: continue to drive memberships & inculcate our values amongst our members
  • excellence: focus on excellence in our racing events
  • alliances: forge alliances
  • awareness: create corporate awareness, and wider visibility

Now we have a group of 20-30 core members sharing common ideas and actively contributing towards my-KART’s and the local motorsports industry’s future. I would invite all of you to be part of this journey as my-KART moves into 2006 and beyond.

A1GP: Well done again Team Malaysia

A1GP - Alex Yoong in action

The 4th round of the A1GP season at Eastern Creek in Australia just ended. The race was won by France, followed by Britain, Switzerland, The Netherlands and Malaysia.

Once again Team Malaysia had a strong and consistent race. Team Malaysia again showed a lot of maturity, with Alex defending well and not putting a foot wrong.

Our 5th place finished should in theory create a support boost for the Team when A1GP visits Malaysia in a couple of weeks’ time.

So far Team Malaysia has shown a lot of promise. In the last round at Estoril, Fairuz Fauzy demonstrated some race skill by passing others when other drivers were failing, although ultimately in Estoril we were thwarted by yet another pitstop gremlin.

The difference in performance between Malaysia and second place (GB) was not that significant although France seemed to be on another level. So there’s a lot of hope for Team Malaysia.

After 4 rounds, Malaysia is in tenth overall on 23 points, although as ever it could have been more if not for the troubles in round 2 and 3. So the underlying performance is there.

The key is for Team Malaysia to continue improving relative to the others. Support is vital now, if Malaysia wishes to create some impression in what is a new series.

Visit the Pitstop A1GP forum for interaction with Team Malaysia.