Useful CSS Links for reference

The following are useful CSS resources & references:

CSS overview
  • World Wide Web Consortium provides the one-stop reference and guidelines on www development and standards. W3C’s CSS is the main source.
  • CSS zen garden is an excellent demonstration why CSS is so powerful and that web standards should be followed properly.
CSS layout resources
  • is a great learning resource for CSS floats, and lists.
  • Position is Everything is another useful guide on how to position text in boxes without using tables… tables are not meant for positioning, although many websites still use them… including this one to a certain extent.
  • Pure pulldown menus provides guides on how to create pulldown menus using CSS.
  • A list apart also provides guides on how to create pulldown menus using CSS with a bit of javascript.
  • A list apart pulldown example as a beautiful execution of pulldown menus using CSS and Javascript

HOW TO: Get the Most Out of Posterous

Link: (via shareaholic)

i've had a posterous account for some time now. 

however, i have not been using it much mainly due to my lack of understanding on how to make the most of it. therefore the article from mashable is a useful guide on using posterous. 

i am going to explore it a bit more.

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updating the site to drupal 6

i recently updated this site to drupal 6.

it was a fairly delicate task.

i had to follow a few steps to make sure that the update worked ok. the first is to put the site on maintenance mode and to backup all my database, settings of the old drupal 5 site. then i created a duplicate “staging” site to test the new site with the new drupal 6 code. then i had to test each version 6 module and themes to make sure that it worked on the new site. once, i got that working, then i ported over to the “production” site. standard upgrade procedures i guess.

still, doing all this at night was not the best. the mind often doesn’t work that well at night. lol.

i cannot seem to get over the problem of images being lost.

this still remains unresolved.

anyway, i am using new drupal 6 themes for the new site.

starting with the adaptive theme. i find it pretty good and flexible. however, i need to get to the task of proper theming and css coding.

this is quite tough.

i am not much of a css coder.

i have a rough idea of the theme in my mind.

but as ever, my mind is a helter skelter of ideas and concepts.

recall, and recall in a structured manner is my challenge.

anyway, i hope to be able to slowly sort these things out over the next few weeks.

then i will start thinking of updating my other sites.

probably will update last of all.

Home & web design

Today was a bit of a busy day.

started with some discussions on some home design with ju, hijaz and kahar. they shared their websites as follows:

unfortunately, our ambitions are not for big houses. 🙂

but hijaz and kahar had some pretty good house designs. and they seem very passionate about this work they did. so thinking of how to help them with my hobby of website building.

after this, i got home to do a bit of research on updating the drupal websites – to help put together hijaz & kahar’s site. what they needed is a site which they can update the progress of their homedesign works – with posting of multiple images as well. a thought would be to combine all their blogspot sites into one, with different projects categorised separately as taxonomies.

i need to investigate and test some useful drupal modules for drupal 6: – demosite: – demosite: