A1GP comes to Sepang, Malaysia

A1GP - Fairuz Fauzy in action


Today is the start of the Malaysian A1GP weekend at Sepang.

Malaysia will be Round 5 of the 12 round “winter” racing series – the Racing World Cup of Nations.

It is quite a unique concept which harks back to the the pre-war Grands Prix series (precursor to F1) where (usually European) nations would have an entry with their own manufacturers to battle each other in the premier racing series. Those days, the teams would run in national colours – although those colours have somewhat changed in the modern day A1GP series (eg – Italy was red in the early days and now blue – the azzuris; and Germany was silver, but now follows their national football team colours).

Still the concept is a cool concept and for A1GP to race in the “F1 winter” offers racing fans something to follow when F1 is taking its long break.

As for Team Malaysia, this is really our first time in the motorsports world stage and as such the challenge for Team Malaysia is really getting quickly up to speed with the racing culture, the commitments to deliver results, the teamworking, the technology, the psychology, the PR and everything else.

Against popular opinion, Team Malaysia has done ourselves proud by being fairly competitive. Yes, there are teething issues, yes there is a hint of lack of experience, but being joint 9th and 9 pts off from 4th place after 5 rounds is pretty good. And this is on merit mind you – as Malaysia has constantly qualified within the top 10, and both Alex & Fairuz has done great things to improve on those grid positions. Alex was even up to 2nd in the main race in Germany during the early stages!

So things are looking up for Team Malaysia and hopefully they (we) can build on this momentum and continue to improve and catch the leading bunch of France, Brasil and Switzerland.

So Friday will see Team Malaysia putting the A1GP car thru its paces and hopefully both Alex and Fairuz can use a bit of local track knowledge to push the Team further up the ranks. If weather becomes a factor, let’s hope that it brings Team Malaysia a positive change.

So go Team Malaysia. TheFazz and my-KART are supporting you!

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