Goals – keep you moving forward. Purpose – helps you get up when you’re down.

I was asked the question today on how do I keep myself motivated, even when things are so stacked against you.

We often have goals, aspirations – whatever you want to call it. Often life finds a way to deal you cards that knock you off the path to your goals. And you wonder how you are going to ever achieve these aspirations. Over time, you start to scale your goals down. And finally you just settle. 

Nothing wrong with just settling. In fact, it is good to be happy with what you have.

However sometimes, for some people – this may not be enough. And that is ok too. It is good that a few people in this world choose to have big aspirations. This is important so that we can look up to them and they can lead the way. And often big aspirations have a bad habit of not coming true or getting derailed. 

I believe that if you have a clear purpose – you will find the energy to pick yourself up and move forward. A purpose is slightly different to a goal or aspiration. A purpose is something larger than oneself – whereas to me, a goal tends to be about oneself. A purpose is about how you can make an impact (positive, preferably) to other people. This is meaningful and brings reason and purpose to one’s existence.

Identifying your own purpose is not very obvious. And no one can tell you what your purpose is. Only you know it. Or will know it, if you keep searching. Some have described purpose is the overlap between finding your gift – and – sharing your gift with others. To some people, this purpose may come from a particular event in one’s life. To others it may be readily apparent. 

Once you’ve found your purpose, you’ve found something bigger than a few mere setbacks. That is what will help you.

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