Cranky Dr House rules!

I’ve been watching the first season of House MD and find it excellent. Hugh Laurie acts as the cranky but brilliant doctor House. For a short time, it was a little difficult to accept Hugh Laurie as a serious and angry character. I’ve known him as Rowan Atkinson’s punching bag in the various Blackadder series. Usually, it is Atkinson that is the cranky bastard. But this time round Laurie pulls off a brilliant act of a flawed genius and genuinely cranky doctor who’s main interest in his work is solving medical puzzles. On other occassions he just plainly verbally abuses his patients either through insensitive comments, or by sharp perception of the patients’ hidden secrets.

Fully recommend House MD as a series to watch. One good thing is that each episode stands on its own, so you do not need to watch the whole series in sequence.

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