Project one laptop per child

A friend of mine shared the following link.

It is an interesting coverage of the one laptop per child project entitled “No lap un-topped – the bottom up revolution that could re-define global IT culture“. The presentation was made by Nicholas Negroponte, who is a Motorola Director and Chairman Emeritus MIT Labs & Chairman One Laptop per Child. The presentation was dated 2 December 2006. More on Nicholas.

I found the whole idea and concept very interesting. This is the kind of catalyst that could possibly change the way we deliver education around the world. Making the laptops affordable (not more than USD100.00) and ubiquitous is the key factor here. Other interesting ideas for the laptop is using human (as opposed to battery or AC/DC power) and Wi-Fi mesh networking to allow networking in the remotest of locations.

Any thoughts of this bridging the digital divide in Malaysia?

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