Online virtual reality game or universe? Either way it is extremely cool!

First check this clip out.

This is Entropia Universe. This is what the site says about the game / universe:

What is the Entropia Universe?
The Entropia Universe is more than a game. The Entropia Universe is for real. Real people, real activities and a Real Cash Economy in a massive online universe.

Join people from around the globe who use the Entropia Universe currency, the PED, to develop their characters everyday on the untamed planet of Calypso. The unique and secure Real Cash Economy allows you to transfer your accumulated PED back into real world funds.

Online around the clock for decades to come, the Entropia Universe is continually enhanced with new content every month and supported by the Entropia Universe Support Department.

The Entropia Universe is a direct continuation of Project Entropia, which had a 2005 turnover of 1.6 Billion PED (160M$).

What is truly remarkable is the CryTek Engine which is able to depict the virtual universe extremely well.

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