9 Over-the-Top Luxury Swimming Pools

source site – 9 Over-the-Top Luxury Swimming Pools | WebUrbanist

Design takes on a whole new meaning when it involves the gigantic piles of cash the rich and powerful are willing to invest in their luxuries. From the Playboy bunny pond to gigantic shark tanks, here are some of the most extraordinary architectural creations that come from well-paid imaginations – and deliver marvelous mind-blowing pools that most of us would happily belly-flop for.

a lot of money can allow you to do many things.

and amongst the many things (aside from a private jet, an RR Phantom, an island) is building a completely outrageous swimming pool. the hedonists will probably like this as what is life with a lot of money, if there is no hanging around the swimming pool all day long getting a tan, with many beautiful people?

having said that, some of the swimming pools here look pretty nice. i like the largest pool where you can even sail in it….. the bali one looks good too.

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