10 sci-fi technologies that just might happen

source site – 10 sci-fi technologies that just might happen | Geekend | TechRepublic.com

My buddies at SFSignal pointed me towards this Top 10 list of sci-fi tropes and technologies that will never come true. Well, being a contrarian who likes a challenge, I’ve decided to postulate circumstances wherein each of these ideas could come to fruition, if only to poke the hornet’s nest. Here we go:

faster than light (ftl) travel, resurrection of dinosaurs, the cure pill etc are just some sci-fi ideas which could quite possibly be achieved in reality. however, we have long predicted the possibility of flying cars… but where are they today?

in any case, this is a little thought provoking article which gives us a bit of foresight on some of the future technologies we want to keep our eyes on today.

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