Bill Gates’ new mission: Saving lives

source site – TG Daily – Bill Gates’ new mission: Saving lives

When you already have transformed the way the world works, what do you do with the second half of your life? Ask Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft, the insanely rich guy we so often loved to hate, but who is being credited with bringing computing to the mainstream. Today, Gates released the first annual letter describing his new role at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. What we read is a passionate introduction to the challenges and goals of his charity. And I remember the old saying: There are those who say they are saving lives, and those who actually do.

this is pretty inspirational. yes, i do not like bill gates the microsoft man. but bill gates the man, is a different matter altogether. even at microsoft he was singularly focused on changing the way we work. i believe that this singular focus will allow him to achieve good things with his foundation. his work at the foundation is described on his 2009 annual letter.

this is one of the best ways to see wealth being shared across the world.

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