Finished watching some great sci-fi’s



I recently finished watching the whole Battlestar Galactica (new series) 1st season. First thing to say is I can’t wait to catch the 2nd season. As mentioned in my last blog on what I am watching these days… Galactica is looking good.

The whole premise of the human race on the run from relentless and in some cases human-like cylons as a backdrop creates the tension that is not felt in any of the Trek series. Sorry the comparison is unfair as Trek tends to be more wholesome and optimistic. Galactica is a little more pessimistic in nature, but its allusions to the mythical “earth” is intriguing. You see, mankind has been colonising space many millenia from now. It would appear that Earth would be inhabitable forcing humankind to venture forth into space. The memories of earth are then confined into the realm of mythology.

In addition to these undercurrents, we also get an almost Asimovian philosophical debate about what makes humans human… can robots acquire human traits? Some of these questions are similar to those asked in Philip K Dick’s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep… or in its’ silver screen version Blade Runner.

The series is very much character driven, with many interesting characters.

This also brings me to another sci-fi flick Serenity which is a follow up to the now defunct TV series, Firefly.

Sci-fi books & movies

I make no secret that I am a sci-fi geek.

Sadly, I have not been recommended any good sci-fi stuff, given most of my friends and family think I am a geek and do not share any interest in sci-fi. So I have not read any sci-fi books of late – can’t remember the last book I read… *groan*

The Rough Guide to Sci-Fi Movies 1 (Rough Guide Reference)

Cover taken from John Scalzi’s book

Anyway, thought that I should log something I found on the web: I was tinkering with my wordpress website, The Mind of Paloque, and was going through the pre-installed links and found a blog belonging to Ryan Boren. The guy is also a sci-fi geek and posted a blog on John Scalzi’sThe Rough Guide to Sci-Fi Movies 1 (Rough Guide Reference)“. A synopsis from


The Rough Guide to Sci-Fi Movies is a comprehensive guide to the ‘final frontier’ of film. It explores our fascination with space exploration, time travel, fantastical worlds and alternative futures. This guide explains how everything from the philosophy of Plato to classic Victorian tales and cult comic books have helped to create one of cinema’s most engaging genres. Discover the classics from Mexico, Russia and Japan, not forgetting the Anime science fiction tradition, along with everything else you need to know from Metropolis to Star Wars, via Blade Runner, 2001 and Alien. The Rough Guide to Sci-Fi Movies is your essential guide to a galaxy of film unbounded by time or space.

I think I should read a bit more. Rekindle some sci-fi interest. Do you have anything to share?