Got my first BMW last night!

I am now a proud owner of an E39 BMW 525i. Just got it last night after buka puasa with Yusnee & Faridah and Azlan & Soefi and my wife Ju. I collected the car at about 10pm at Sri Changgong in KL.

The car is a Cosmos Black 2001 model 525 with double vanors M54 engine pumping out 192bhp from 2.5litres. The car came factory fitted with M-sports kit and suspensions. Interior seats are black leather and dash with aluminium trimmings.

My first drive was a couple of weeks before which made the ends of my mouth bend upwards… before I wrote a cheque for the downpayment. So far, wish me luck and endless joy with this car. Finally my own BMW since dreaming of one from the age of 6.

Thinking about my blog projects

Gosh I have many stuff going on at the same time.

I have a few blogs going on which potentially overlaps. So I need to thinkof how to segregate the targets / the focus of each blog. I should firstly try to make this blog much more livelier. So this shall be my main blog and should be quite light and fun.

The Mind of Paloque is an interesting blog… it was intended to be philosophical… but how philosophical can one get?? One thing’s for sure, I prefer the WordPress blog engine compared to drupal or To be honest, drupal is not the tool for blogging per se… although it is in my opinion a fantastically versatile tool which does blogging quite capably.

So I would like to keep “Mind of” for some sort of blogging activity… but what?

I also have a blog on This is intended to be a light record of my website visits. But do I need it, given that my drupal based blog here is tuned to the same thing? I think not. So what should I use my blogspot for?

Think think think.

Do more of, do less of

I’ve been thinking of an idea that could hopefully help me and indirectly others improve on personal behaviours. This idea is based on something I learned in some of the leadership courses I’ve attended in the past. It relates to looking at yourself from another person’s perspective and evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. It looks to identify areas for improvements by specifically listing out the things (or behaviours) I should do more of, and the things I should do less of, and the things I should continue doing.

So in this vein, I’d put down the following as things I should do more of:

  • pay attention to the people closest to me: make sure that eye contact and interest is genuine when communicating with them

I will add more as I go along. Also would like to see whether this can be done on a separate website.