OSX on intel machines

I’ve been an Apple fan since the mid 80s and the days of the Apple II.

To me the Apple II revolutionised the personal computing world and made it possible for the home user to do things that previously only certain corporate specialists would do… and in addition to this, it allowed home users to do creative things, play games etc.

Talking about games, I remember spending hours playing Lode Runner… how nostalgic.

Soon Apple came up with the equally revolutionary Macintosh with its mouse and graphical user interface (GUI). In one fell swoop it made the rival IBM-based PCs look positively old hat. All this was communicated during the Super Bowl with the now legendary Ridley Scott directed advert based on “1984”.

Ever since then, Apple has been a mega cool brand in the technology world. The loss of Steve Jobs during a board room tussle lost Apple a bit of that luster, but Steve Jobs remained visionary and went on to build NeXT and then Pixar before returning to Apple.

Now Apple is back on top of the cool stakes with the mega cool OSX and the iPod.

Since the OSX came out there has been many people who try to make Windows XP look like an OSX. Unfortunately, Apple clamped down on this, but that did not kill the admiration for the OSX.

Of late, there have been news that Apple will be producing an OSX for Intel. This news… or rumour more likely has been gathering a lot of steam. Many WinTel users including me are closet fans of the Mac and OSX… and the rumour of the OSX coming to Intel is just simply too good to miss.

Technology convergence: internet, entertainment & communication

Google has been in the news quite often of late.

One moment, they are swallowing up the public domain book library. Another moment, they are acquiring something or another… but one thing’s for sure Google has made the internet business work through their advertising revenue model. To date, Google is hoarding up a cash pile of more than a few billion dollars.

Yup. They are that successful. So what next for Google? No doubt some sort of buying spree will ensue. Naturally, this has to be something which Google can continue to add value to its business. So what would that be?

I don’t know, but what about an entertainment / media content based business? The success of the iTunes audio and video downloads shows that there is a market. And the recent “agreement” between the bittorrent community and Hollywood, could possible pave a way for commercial film downloads. What about Google and TiVo?

There are more technology news on this website accessible via the world news link at the top menu.

Apple iPod Video makes waves

Apple iPod

If you’d browse my World News feeds (look for it on the top menu) you’d find some news of my own selection. One interesting news is iPod selling a million videos in 20 days. This is perhaps an important piece of news for the likes of aspiring online media companies. Currently the you can buy & download music videos and TV series like “Desperate Housewives” and “Lost” for $1.99 a piece. Not sure how big the one million downloads is in relation to the size of the iPod market.

The iPod is fast becoming an insanely great product from Apple. Competitors and aspirants need to scramble quickly to get a slice of the market pie before Apple or some other player controls the market. I believe even our own local players can get in the game.

check out the slide show.

Wonderful things you can do with 3D

Sometime ago I was smitten by 3D modelling using Creative Labs’ Poser. Now in its 6th incarnation, I find Poser something which is still beyond my reach, comprehension and skills. Not that Poser is a difficult 3D tool – I doubt it given the many users – but it is more about me not being able to get the hand of it.

Nevertheless, there are lots of good stuffs out there, as I continue to find:

  1. DAZ3d – this is a high quality resource for Poser 3D models. It contents some highly developed models of people, animals and objects.
  2. then there is Renderosity – which is a marketplace of free and commercial stuff for 3D apps the likes of Poser and Bryce et al
  3. for the more risque (yeah, wink wink), you can go to Renderotica for your fix