BMW Sportscar Concept Study

source site – BMW Sportscar Concept Study

Creativity of some car fans never ceases to amaze me. In the past few years, we have seen many graphic artists or design students taking a proactive step and creating their own version of automobile concepts.

BMW fans are quite known for their creativity as well and some of these concepts have been many times sponsored by BMW itself.

This BMW supercar concept designed by Iran-born designer and graduate of Industrial and Transportation Design, Emil Baddal is a wonderfully interesting interpretation of the BMW design and brand. The design is an aggressive view of the brand. perhaps a bit too aggressive. but for me, i think it captures some of the passion of what BMW is all about. share your thoughts.

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BMW RZ-M6 based on M1 Hommage

source site – BMW RZ-M6 based on M1 Hommage

A small independent body styling company, Racer X Design, decided to release some renderings of their BMW RZ-M6 concept based on the popular 6 Series and we believe, on the M1 Hommage also. If you recall, 2003 is remembered by the BMW fans as the year the 6 Series made its comeback as a production car.

This looks nice… if only….

BMW’s green supercar

source site – Autocar – BMW’s green supercar

BMW is exploring a plan to build what a senior company official calls “a breakthrough green supercar” by the end of 2012.

The new car would rival the Audi R8 and forthcoming Mercedes SLC, and has been described by company insiders as ‘a puristic two-seater that draws on all the very latest BMW technology and lightweight build processes.’

Can BMW and Mercedes-Benz Put Rivalry Aside to Take on the VW Group?

source site – Can BMW and Mercedes-Benz Put Rivalry Aside to Take on the VW Group? | Automotive News Blog – Wide Open Throttle

Despite some disagreements over CO2 rules, European companies haven’t abandoned plans to work together. How far those plans will get, though, appears to hinge more on setting aside traditional rivalries than justifying the economic benefits. At the center of the talks is BMW, which is talking to Mercedes-Benz as well as Fiat and already has an R&D partnership with PSA/Peugeot-Citroen. The question is just how far the talks will go.

although not news, this is an incredibly interesting sign of the times today. 10 years ago, you would be laughed at if you suggested that BMW and Merc should collaborate. but the top guys at these two (still) very bitter rivals are accepting that possibility. however, the challenge is whether the culture and history between these two could be overcome to achieve economic sense. time will tell.

i for one would prefer a bmw-psa/peugeot-citroen-fiat partnership / alliance rather than sleeping with the merc enemy. this is more than an emotional rhetoric… but for 2 reasons:

1/ the psa and fiat groups do not provide direct rivalry (yet) to the likes of bmw
2/ the ethos and essense of the psa and fiat brands fit well with the bmw brand essense of driving performance experience

an alliance with merc could result in potential cannibalisation of either the bmw or the merc brand.