Must watch video: BMW Z4 vs Porsche Boxster

As some of you know, I have been stumbling over the ‘net for sometime now. Every now and then I would come across some real gems. This time round, I discovered some superb car video clips. One of the coolest clip I’ve seen is the BMW Z4 vs the Boxster.

You guys got to watch this video clip (broadband highly recommended)!

I must say that I had as much fun watching it as the ( guys who were driving the two roadsters!

We really need a small track like that in the klang valley.

The gorgeous 407

Peugeot 407 - 01


Most people who know me know that I love BMWs. I’ve been a Bimmer fan since the age of 6 when my dad first brought home a red first generation 520 (can’t remember the E code number, though).

The Bimmer to me always has an aggressive front “face” and drove quite well for a sedan car… very much establishing BMW’s sporting saloon niche cars.

So here I was today evening sitting in my first Bimmer in a traffic jam, and along comes the Peugeot 407 alongside me. Damn, that is one gorgeous car. I mean, I fell in love with the looks of the car the first time I saw it, and it still gives me the shivers whenever I see one on the road. The car really looks so good in the flesh. Sadly, the 2.0 model imported by Naza into Malaysia is a underpowered compared to its direct competitors the Honda Accord, the Toyota Camry (urgh!) and the Mazda 6.

These were the cars I was considering prior to me going for the 2001 model E39 Bimmer. Of course the Bimmer drives better than any of these, but the Peugeot has the looks.

Jeremy Clarkson’s review of the car hit the nail on the head… he concludes:

What you really need, if you want to come across as moody and interesting, is something desperately unreliable.

This then is a car that offers the style-conscious motorist just about everything. We can see, as you slide by, that you must have a family but that you haven’t bought an MPV, which would mark you down as technically dead, or an SUV, which would identify you as being Wayne Rooney.

We can also see you’ve bought a French car, which means you’re anti-Bush, anti-war and possibly that you have a place near Pau. These are all good things, too.

Best of all, though, we can see you’ve bought a car that you knew full well would go wrong all the time. This is good, too. Sit at the side of the road with the bonnet up reading Victorian poetry and I can pretty much guarantee that every girl who drives by will want to sleep with you.

Great stuff! *grin*

Got my first BMW last night!

I am now a proud owner of an E39 BMW 525i. Just got it last night after buka puasa with Yusnee & Faridah and Azlan & Soefi and my wife Ju. I collected the car at about 10pm at Sri Changgong in KL.

The car is a Cosmos Black 2001 model 525 with double vanors M54 engine pumping out 192bhp from 2.5litres. The car came factory fitted with M-sports kit and suspensions. Interior seats are black leather and dash with aluminium trimmings.

My first drive was a couple of weeks before which made the ends of my mouth bend upwards… before I wrote a cheque for the downpayment. So far, wish me luck and endless joy with this car. Finally my own BMW since dreaming of one from the age of 6.

BMW just launched the new 2006 Z4 and Z4M roadster

I just read at that the 2006 Z4 has just been launched together with a rubber buring Z4M roadster. Not a lot of differences so I suppose the major changes would be under the skin.

The Z4M is an interesting proposition, and the Z4 Coupe is looking quite mouthwatering.

Details of the Z4M Roadster is as follows (taken from

2006 BMW Z4 M roadster

The new BMW Z4 M roadster for 2006

The new M Roadster – the high-performance two seater is reborn

BMW UK has announced details of the latest M car – the new BMW Z4 M Roadster. Three-years after the Z4’s launch as the most performance-focussed roadster on the market, BMW M have turned their attentions to the Z4, creating BMW’s fastest accelerating open-top. With 343hp equating to 106hp per litre, zero to 62mph acceleration of 5.0 seconds and an electronically limited top speed of 155mph, the new M Roadster is set to re-write the rulebook for performance, agility and dynamism.
The Detroit Auto Show in January 2006 will also see the launch of model updates for the entire BMW Z4 Roadster range. The new Z4 will feature a new engine line-up, new gearbox options, styling enhancements and still the fastest opening fully automatic convertible roof in the world.

The new BMW Z4 M Roadster:

Like the current BMW M3 Coupé and Convertible, the new BMW Z4 M Roadster features the five-time International Engine of the Year. The reigning three to four-litre champion delivers 343hp at 7,900rpm and 365Nm of torque at 4,900rpm from its 3,246cc six-cylinder Motorsport engine. The powerplant is mated to a six-speed manual gearbox and BMW M’s variable M differential. The result is excellent stability and traction, especially when accelerating out of bends.

Unlike the ‘standard’ Z4 that uses an electromechanical steering system, the new Z4 M Roadster uses a hydraulic power assistance system. The ‘standard’ car also uses Run-flat tyres as opposed to the M Roadster’s non-Run-Flat items – both features that M, as a separate division, believes give the car its own ‘M’ character. These features are reinforced by BMW M’s floating compound high-performance braking system, originally conceived for the BMW M3 CSL, resulting in a 62mph to zero stopping distance of just 34 metres.

Visually, the new Z4 M Roadster is differentiated from the ‘standard’ car by numerous details inside and out. From the front, the lower valance, large air intakes and dual styling lines on the bonnet clearly identify the M car while, at the rear, BMW M’s trademark quad-tailpipes and aerodynamic diffuser highlight the car’s potential. The M-styling is finished off with exclusive M double-spoke 18-inch alloy wheels with 225/45ZR18 tyres on the front and 255/40ZR18s on the rear.

The Z4 M Roadster is available in eight exterior colours, with three exclusive M colours – Sepang Bronze, Interlagos Blue and Imola Red.

Internally, the familiar Z4 interior is complemented by new leather finishes in Black, Imola Red, Light Sepang Bronze or Sepang Brown and trim strips in Hexagon Aluminium, Black Carbon Leather or Madeira Walnut wood. In front of the driver a bespoke BMW M instrument binnacle featuring a black background with white numerals and red needles helps keep the driver in touch with vital driving information.

The new BMW Z4 Roadster:

Coinciding with the launch of the BMW Z4 M Roadster, the entire Z4 Roadster range receives visual and substantial mechanical enhancements.

Topping the new range is the Z4 3.0si, featuring BMW’s innovative magnesium alloy in-line six-cylinder engine. Featuring Valvetronic valve lift and VANOS valve timing, the Z4 3.0si develops 265hp at 6,600rpm and 315Nm of torque at 2,750rpm. These impressive statistics help power the car from zero to 62mph in 5.7 seconds and, if left unchecked, continues to a maximum electronically limited top speed of 155mph. However, these levels of performance aren’t at the expense of economy, with the 3.0si delivering 32.8mpg over the combined cycle.

Two in-line six-cylinder 2.5-litre variants will be offered – the Z4 2.5si and 2.5i. Based on the same engine, but differentiated by output, the 2.5si offers 218hp and 250Nm of torque from its 2,497cc powerplant. This gives the power to sprint from standstill to 62mph in 6.5 seconds and on to a top speed of 149mph, while still delivering 33.6mpg on the combined cycle. By contrast, the 2.5i delivers 177hp and 230Nm of torque.

The only engine carried over from the out-going range is the four-cylinder Z4 2.0i that was launched in April 2005. Produced at BMW’s Hams Hall plant near Coventry, the 1,995cc engine features BMW’s Valvetronic and VANOS technologies to develop 150hp at 6,200rpm and 200Nm of torque at 3,600rpm. The lighter weight of this engine helps deliver sharp performance, with the Z4 2.0i dispatching the zero to 62mph sprint in 8.2 seconds before hitting a top speed of 137mph.


Like the Z4 M Roadster, all new Z4 models come as standard with a six-speed gearbox. Alternatively, customers purchasing 2.5si and 3.0si models can specify a six-speed automatic gearbox which, for the first time, features paddles on the rear of the steering wheel to select the appropriate gear manually.

Sport models:

Sport models are available to enhance the ‘standard’ Z4 line-up, featuring 18-inch M double spoke or optional composite alloy wheel, M Sports seats covered in Active Sports leather upholstery, three-spoke M leather steering wheel and M Sports suspension. Sport models will add further appeal to those demanding a particularly sporting drive.


At launch in 2003, the BMW Z4 instantly became one of the company’s most distinctive designs. This design positioned the car as much more of a driver’s car dynamically than the Z3 it replaced. This performance focus remains, with subtle enhancements rather than wholesale changes.

From the front, the shoulder line extends all the way to the front air dam rather than stopping at the bonnet edge, a wider air intake dominates the lower valance and the kidney grille receives minor changes. Additionally, the headlights have been re-designed and now include corona light rings as standard on all cars specified with Xenon lamps (standard on M Roadster models).

From the side, US-style side reflectors are integrated into the front wheel arches that also house new alloy wheel designs.

From the rear, all-new tail lamps feature Z8-style horizontal light conductor rods and BMW’s Brake Force Display braking system while a second spoiler lip adorns the rear air dam. Finally, all Z4 Roadster models feature a new colour choice including Monaco Blue, Flamenco Red, Silver Grey and Deep Green.

The US version will be announced later this week.