One laptop per child project

The One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) project got me excite about a year back when I saw Nicholas Negroponte’s video keynote address (35 minute video clip).

The project is an education project aimed at putting one laptop for each child – especially in the developing nations. The key objective is to provide children with the best education possible and access to latest information and communication no matter where they are and how unfortunate the society that they live in.

The reason this project is so exciting is the solution to achieve this: the USD100 laptop, which uses low power and is able to operate even in places where electricity is not available. As for communications, the only prerequisite is a communications node. The laptops will provide a mesh network to allow communication beyond the nodes and into the homes.

What makes me curious though, is why isn’t Malaysia on the list of countries supporting this project? Anybody can connect this to the Minister of Education?