Photoshop tutorials

Over the years, I have been doodling with website designing, both from the coding (HTML, perl, PHP etc) as well as design (CSS, photoshop etc). In all instances i am pretty much a complete amateur despite the years of doodling.

Perhaps this is because i am rubbish at such things, or don’t have a creative bone in my body, or perhaps simply i have not practiced enough in depth… because i am too superficial.

Either way, all this matters little as I just like to try these things and experiment with various forms of expression.

So during that time i visited a number of tutorial sites. And i must say that one great photoshop tutorial site is – Spoon fed photoshop tutorials. I like the step by step approach (spoon feeding) which helps useless people like me, and the free stuff they give away like the PSD files used in the tutorials (helping lazy people like me).

I found the following tutorials helpful:

Of course there are more tutorials… but i have yet to explore them. Try them out.