Mind-Shattering Novels of Philip K. Dick

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As we look forward to another new year, it is a good time to reflect on some of the many people who wrote about the future. Philip K. Dick was one of them:

Philip K. Dick was abducted by… his own mind, and wrote about it for as long as SF industry would publish it. Which is extremely lucky for millions of his fans, me included.

Unless you are a particle physicist (for whom nothing is as it seems anyway), you’re not likely to meet as many convoluted and unpredictable ideas and storylines as in Philip K. Dick’s science fiction (the requirement, of course, is that it all still has to make coherent sense, otherwise we could just switch on Douglas Adams’ Improbability Drive and publish the outcome).

PKD was a one-man factory of apocalyptic “What-ifs?”, staggering in their scope and suggested outcomes. His stories are often dark in tone, but intensely satisfying: crammed with concepts and ideas, tightly written and pretty much unforgettable.

i have not read many of philip k dick‘s novels. but i have seen a number of the titles made into films. in general, i find his ideas on science fiction and mind bending tales are very interesting and thought provoking. some of the interesting concepts introduced by PKD are the concepts of cyborg sentience in Bladerunner (Do androids dream of electric sheep?); the memory implants in Total Recall (We Can Remember It for You Wholesale); foresights in The Minority Report (The Minority Report); and a few others based on some of his short stories.

so what are your best PKD stories?

10 sci-fi technologies that just might happen

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My buddies at SFSignal pointed me towards this Top 10 list of sci-fi tropes and technologies that will never come true. Well, being a contrarian who likes a challenge, I’ve decided to postulate circumstances wherein each of these ideas could come to fruition, if only to poke the hornet’s nest. Here we go:

faster than light (ftl) travel, resurrection of dinosaurs, the cure pill etc are just some sci-fi ideas which could quite possibly be achieved in reality. however, we have long predicted the possibility of flying cars… but where are they today?

in any case, this is a little thought provoking article which gives us a bit of foresight on some of the future technologies we want to keep our eyes on today.

Sleep Dealer – indie sci-fi to watch

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If you’re a fan of early sci-fi indie films like Shane Carruth’s PRIMER and Darren Aronofsky’s PI then Sleep Dealer is right up your alley, its like a Mexican Matrix or THX 1138.

the concept is quite interesting: in a world where borders are broken down by communications and internet… some other borders (such as human migration) remain firmly shut. yet, with technology – certain nations can access these human resources but without having to deal with the cultural issues associated to migratory groups.

the trailer indicates a almost dystopian future in the manner of The Matrix, and Blader Runner.

Sci-fi aliens for Spore

source site – Best of Spore Creature Creator – Top 5 Sci-Fi Aliens in Spore – Popular Mechanics

Spore is finally, almost, upon us. We had a chance to play the full version at this year’s E3, but on Sunday, players around the world will discover what happens when a game of epic scope and unparalleled ambition actually lives up to years of hype. Most players will be content to create a spastic race of brightly colored Muppets, or a more random, dog’s breakfast of spiny bits and oddly placed eye-stalks, and dutifully grind through the various stages of the game.

spore is potentially the best and original game to come out in a long time.

TED.com covered this some time ago….

Top 50 dystopian movies of all time

I found this site which collects the top movies that prophecies a dystopian future. dystopia is the opposite of utopia whereby the world descends close to chaos.


some of my favourite sci-fi flicks are in the list including blade runner, minority report, the matrix, twelve monkeys, serenity, ghost in the shell, akira, gattaca, dark city etc.