Differential diagnosis people!

I’ve been working on configuring my drupal code to support multi-sites including this one.

however, I’ve been having problems with the setup. I must emphasise that I have RTFM and still I cannot find what I am doing wrong. Differential diagnosis.. people – Doctor House would say.

I finding it almost impossible to diagnose. Support forums on the drupal website is not so helpful. lots of jargon and assumption that one must have linux knowledge to fix the problems.

Anyway, will keep plugging on.

Meanwhile check out Shakira shakira.

YouTube leads video revolution

I’ve been advocating that local internet companies aggressively promote community-driven only video solutions like YouTube and the many other copycats.

YouTube has within 15 months become quite a phenomenom. Certain reports credit 25million hits per day. People are sharing links and bringing in more people to watch the short video clips (videttes?). There is very little marketing involved, but instead the community does all the marketing themselves.

The challenge for local internet companies is to constantly keep a keen eye on internet trends and move quickly with a solution that meets the online consumer needs.

The internet has always been a community driven phenomena. We need to leverage on this and bring forth one of our own phenomena.

A pointless waste of time

Once again tonight, I stumbled around in a slow and weary manner.

I’m tired. I’ve lost much of what I would call a normal life. Why? Work. Stuff. This and that. So I arrive home at around 9pm. Have a quick dinner… not savouring much because my taste buds have gone. Then I glance at the newpaper I brought home and groaned… “not more reading” — I want to see some pictures and humour. I want to put a small weary smile on my face.

So I stumbled. On the net that is.

And I came across a site which put a small smile on my weary face. The site’s call Pointless Waste of Time – the only news source you’ll ever need. Quite true. It’s a waste of time, but one which gives me a completely whacked out point of view which makes it an interesting read. Yeah, I am still reading and my eyes are bloodshot… but this is funny stuff. Pointless. But funny.

Being a sci-fi buff, the guy’s article about the best sci-fi films never made is a great read. It’s a great shame that there are so few truly great sci-fi films of late. A lot of them concentrating more on the looks of the film rather than the people and the story. Oh well.

Anyway. This is what weariness does to you. You become aimless. Good night.

Stumbling around on the web

I have not updated this blog in a while.

Things have been quite busy for me of late with family matters, karting and work (yes, I DO work!). As for work, the year end is always a hectic time for accountants like me. Lots of accounts reconciliations to do, data cleanups etc. My finance team at work has been working especially hard as well, with Mr Murphy making sure his laws are being followed from time to time. Now we are getting prepared for the annual audit. *sigh* That is life and we all have to cari makan.

In between the hectic schedule, I had been stumbling around just to take a break from things. Stumble is cute timekiller. Essentially it works by a community of people recommending various websites by topics, and you would stumble from one recommendation to another. What a great idea… and more so being community driven. My guess is a lot of future tech will be community driven like this.

Anyway, in my stumbling I came across various neat sites from the history of Albert Einstein to really cool stuff like website tutorials for photoshop artwork.

Let’s stumble togetheryou need the excellent Firefox web browser though.

Website experimentation

You may be wondering what is all the odd and disjointed components on this website are all about. Certainly it is not intentional the way it currently looks right now. I am experimenting with some techniques on improving the navigation on this website.

One of the techniques is javascript + CSS pulldown menus that you see on the left hand side NavMenu bar. I am taking a few tips from suckerfish and a from css.maxdesign. I’m also visiting the CSS creator forums for discussions and tips. I would like to create a menu which opens up as you hover over selected items. I hope this will improve the usability of the site.

For now, the CSS is all screwed up. So bear with me. I would also suggest that you use Firefox for the best & standards compliant experience.