What I’m watching nowadays

I’ve been watching Star Trek Enterprise and find it quite difficult to go thru the whole first season. Even T’pol’s character is not enough to make me stay the whole mile.

I had expected Enterprise to be more “edgy”, but it has ended up fairly safe using the standard formula from the original series. Given that this is humankind’s first foray into deep space, I would have expected to see some fear and trepidation of charting the unknown space. A bit of horror and some feeling of helplessness would be good.

So now I am watching Lost. Now this is a bit of what Enterprise should have been. One island / monster mystery as a background… the helplessness and reducing hope of being rescued, the characters with skeletons in the cupboard. Okay… I don’t expect Enterprise to be filled with dodgy characters… but hey they can’t all be squeeky clean?

I’m also going to start watching Battlestar Galactica… but not ready to comment | more info. Merely going by the rating it has earned.

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