Catching movies… The Goblet of Fire, King Kong, Aeon Flux etc

Harry Potter - The Goblet of Fire - Poster


I brought my kids to watch Harry Potter’s 4th adventure -The Goblet of Fire- last night. Ok… not too bad, a little dark and scary though… more for kids of teens and above I thought… but my daughter was already analysing things after the film.

Overall, I thought it was an above average adventure type tale, with a number of thrills. The characters could have been done better though.

Before the film we watched the trailers of the Chronicles of Narnia film and King Kong. Now King Kong is something I’d like to see. More to see how Peter Jackson’s version of the classic is done. From the initial clips, it does look pretty good.

Narnia is another kids movie which has some promise. The imaging technologies in films these days are just impressive. The battle scenes and characters look good.

As usual, any discussion of films would take me to Rotten Tomatoes, and there I found a sci-fi flick called Aeon Flux. As far as Tomatoes is concerned, the film sucks. But being a sci-fi buff, suck or no, I’d probably watch it (perhaps on the small screen), for the concept itself.

Another sci-fi flick that would perhaps be good is The Far Side of The Moon which indications seem to be very good.

Now what else? I guess there is Zathura coming which is fairly interesting.

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