Mind-Shattering Novels of Philip K. Dick

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As we look forward to another new year, it is a good time to reflect on some of the many people who wrote about the future. Philip K. Dick was one of them:

Philip K. Dick was abducted by… his own mind, and wrote about it for as long as SF industry would publish it. Which is extremely lucky for millions of his fans, me included.

Unless you are a particle physicist (for whom nothing is as it seems anyway), you’re not likely to meet as many convoluted and unpredictable ideas and storylines as in Philip K. Dick’s science fiction (the requirement, of course, is that it all still has to make coherent sense, otherwise we could just switch on Douglas Adams’ Improbability Drive and publish the outcome).

PKD was a one-man factory of apocalyptic “What-ifs?”, staggering in their scope and suggested outcomes. His stories are often dark in tone, but intensely satisfying: crammed with concepts and ideas, tightly written and pretty much unforgettable.

i have not read many of philip k dick‘s novels. but i have seen a number of the titles made into films. in general, i find his ideas on science fiction and mind bending tales are very interesting and thought provoking. some of the interesting concepts introduced by PKD are the concepts of cyborg sentience in Bladerunner (Do androids dream of electric sheep?); the memory implants in Total Recall (We Can Remember It for You Wholesale); foresights in The Minority Report (The Minority Report); and a few others based on some of his short stories.

so what are your best PKD stories?

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