80s British comic nostalgia

I grew up reading a bunch of comics.

I initially started with the Marvel / DC types, then moved on to the British comics such as 2000AD and Tiger whilst in secondary school, and returned to Marvel / DC after that when i studied in the UK.

I have a whole range of comic reading materials, but today had a bit of a nostalgia time googling the 80s British comics. I have not seen these comics for a long time now. And of the characters I remember reading, only Judge Dredd and Dan Dare remain in recent memory. So i decided to check out the titles i used to read. So here are some of them (i would be happy if others can jog my memory too)…

Robo Hunter

I used to like this series as it combined classic noir sleuth stories in a future context – with investigations revolving around robot crimes.

Strontium Dog

Strontium Dog wasn’t one of my top stories in those days, but i sort of liked the concept of mutant bounty hunters.

Nemesis The Warlock

Nemesis the warlock was one fantastic comic series that i liked because of the extreme artwork. The stories were unusual and surreal, but the art and concept was out of this world.

Rogue Trooper

Rogue Trooper was a popular story amongst my friends at the time. This was a classic war story that kids my age then loved. The twist was that this was a story about a Genetically engineered soldier who was looking for his commanders who betrayed them.


Slaine was a typical barbarian tale that was quite popular with kids our age then.

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