About this site

Hello visitor. Thank you for your interest in my website. Feel free to share interests in topics with me. Most topics are discussed here, although I tend to be interested in cars (I’m biased to BMW), F1, motor-racing, karting, technology, science fiction, design, management 2.0 ideas, innovation culture, computer games, Internet technology, website building, blogging, beautiful people / places / things and general fun stuff. Some stuff here are lighthearted, some may be thought provoking. Just ask that you keep an open mind and exercise a healthy amount of respect for others.

I will from time to time post or share topics and articles. Feel free to comment and interact. Give me your thoughts and feedback.

I am using WordPress’ excellent blog engine for this site. I used to explore using Drupal. Drupal happens to be more powerful, but WordPress is more suited to blogging and has an attractive mobile solution which tips the balance for me.

If you’d like to join me in monthly amateur rental karting, visit my-KART.org.

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