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Hello visitor. Thank you for your interest in my website. Feel free to share interests in topics with me. Most topics are discussed here, although I tend to be interested in cars, BMW, F1, motor-racing, karting, sci-fi, computer games, internet technology, website building, blogging, beautiful people / places / things, management ideas and general fun stuff. Some stuff here are lighthearted, some may be thought provoking. Just ask that you keep an open mind and exercise a healthy amount of respect for others.

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I need to sleep better.

I have been wondering why i never feel i have enough sleep.

as it turns out, i tend to be extremely active right up to the moment i find that i cannot fight the drowsiness anymore. i did a bit of looking around and found a site that describes 10 ways to get better sleep. let’s see if it helps.

conversely, sleep can be used to solve problems. figure that one out!

and what about having lucid dreams? check out the FAQs and how to do it. but it all sounds so hokey, doesn’t it?

should I convert to wordpress?


I have been a long time drupal user for my websites. I’ve always considered wordpress as the other alternative but had never implemented it for my sites on account if limited power & flexibility as compared to drupal. but also because migrating content is a major pain. should I even make the effort to do so?

updating the site to drupal 6

i recently updated this site to drupal 6.

it was a fairly delicate task.

i had to follow a few steps to make sure that the update worked ok. the first is to put the site on maintenance mode and to backup all my database, settings of the old drupal 5 site. then i created a duplicate “staging” site to test the new site with the new drupal 6 code. then i had to test each version 6 module and themes to make sure that it worked on the new site. once, i got that working, then i ported over to the “production” site. standard upgrade procedures i guess.

still, doing all this at night was not the best. the mind often doesn’t work that well at night. lol.

i cannot seem to get over the problem of images being lost.

this still remains unresolved.

anyway, i am using new drupal 6 themes for the new site.

starting with the adaptive theme. i find it pretty good and flexible. however, i need to get to the task of proper theming and css coding.

this is quite tough.

i am not much of a css coder.

i have a rough idea of the theme in my mind.

but as ever, my mind is a helter skelter of ideas and concepts.

recall, and recall in a structured manner is my challenge.

anyway, i hope to be able to slowly sort these things out over the next few weeks.

then i will start thinking of updating my other sites.

probably will update my-kart.org last of all.