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Fazlur Rahman – or “Fazz” as he is known to friends – is passionate about driving management and leadership excellence. He relishes challenges in enhancing business performance and organisational adaptability in line with the dynamic and connected (socially networked) 21st century in line with the Beyond Budgeting concepts and thinking inspired by Gary Hamel, Daniel Pink, Vineet Nayar and Sir Ken Robinson.

Fazz is currently with Tenaga Nasional Berhad (“TNB”) as the Chief Strategy & Regulatory Officer (“CSRO”). His responsibilities as CSRO includes evaluating and charting the strategic direction for TNB, and at the same time working closely with the Government and Regulator with regards performance and direction of the regulatory environment of the Malaysia Electricity Supply Industry (“MESI”). The main challenge is to ensure sustainable value creation for the country and for TNB under a highly disruptive age. In other words, the goal is to Re-imagining TNB for a sustainable future, creating value in a disruptive world and at all times empowering people. He was also TNB’s former Chief Financial Officer (“CFO”) for 6 years since July 2012.

Fazz’s current challenges are transforming the organisation and growing it sustainably. The transformation involves creating the right conditions for value creation, growth and innovation in line with the “Re-imagining TNB” strategy. His achievements include stabilising the firm’s financial position as a result of the regulatory stability; raising competitive funding for TNB’s projects and acquisitions, optimising the firm’s capital structure, and the acquisition of Integrax Berhad – a vital entity in the coal supply chain for TNB’s Manjung power plants. 

Prior to joining TNB in July 2012, Fazz was with the Naza Group of Companies for two years as the CFO of the cluster of companies under Joint Executive Chairman SM Nasarudin SM Nasimuddin. He also served Telekom Malaysia Berhad (“TM”) in several capacities from 2005 to 2010, with his last position as Vice President – Business Development.

He is a fellow of the ACCA and an MIA member, and served for 10 years since 1995 with Shell Malaysia in various financial management and corporate roles. Prior to that, he served for 4 years in public accounting practices including almost 3 years in Price Waterhouse, Kuala Lumpur as a tax consultant.

Professionally, Fazz relishes roles that involve general financial management, strategy and transformation, and overall corporate leadership. Fazz has a strong interest in the power, automotive, IT, telecommunications, media and retail industries.

Fazz is a strong believer of opportunities and future possibilities. He is passionate about people being the key catalysts to unleashing an organisations’ full potential. Empowering multi-skilled employees will encourage strong leadership and builds capabilities – and ultimately puts entrepreneurship mindsets in large enterprises. He believes in openness, trust, respect, integrity, creativity, inventiveness, serving society, lifelong learning and courage to deal with changes.

Outside of work, Fazz is a keen karter. He built an amateur karting club since 2002 – my-kart.org – which now has a reach of over 900 karting enthusiasts. Fazz loves cars & racing (esp BMW), creativity, science fiction and technology innovations. He maintains his own website & blog at https://thefazz.com/blog

Fazz’s resume can be found here: fazlur rahman CV Sep 2018

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