The new no compromise E92 M3 GTS – born for the track, live on the road

BMW recently announced the M3 GTS pure race track car. When they cancelled the M3 CSL, we did not know that they had a GTS in mind. here it is… This is perhaps the most extreme BMW produced by munich. 4.4 litre V8 with power at 450bhp and 7 speed M dual clutch transmission. wheels are 19 inch aluminium with 255/35 and 285/30 stickies at the front and rear respectively. Some serious suspension upgrades are made. The car saves weight wherever possible: carbon fibre roof, light weight seats, no air-cond and rear seats. rollover protections are in place with fire extinguisher. the M3 GTS is only made to order at about €115,000 per unit.

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Official Debut: MINI Coupe Concept

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yet again, BMW has come up with another mouth watering concept. this time it is the MINI brand. this looks good.

MINI is celebrating a great birthday: Exactly fifty years ago, on 26 August 1959, the classic Mini was presented to the public for the first time, a unique story of success starting out and today giving MINI the perfect opportunity to look ahead without losing sight of the brand’s great tradition.



BMW Vision EfficientDynamics Concept – green & mean

BMW has followed up the M1 homage concept with a daring green and mean concept car. In one go, this concept – the Vision EfficientDynamics – concept vaults BMW straight into both the supercar and green vehicle categories in a single leap.

i do hope that this car makes it into production as the images are hot.

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For decades, BMW has made the reduction of emissions and fuel consumption a key part of its product development strategy, just as enhancements to the dynamic ability of each BMW have been a lasting, sustained brand value. BMW’s EfficientDynamics engineering philosophy – the pursuit of an enhanced, athletic driving experience while simultaneously lowering the consumption and emissions of each vehicle – resulted in the most dramatic drop in fleet consumption of any automaker from 1990 through 2005, according to an Environmental Defense study.

Now, the BMW Vision concept car clearly demonstrates that the EfficientDynamics objectives are fully compatible when applied to a sports car. Conceived as a 2+2-seater with plug-in full-hybrid technology, this unique car combines the performance of a BMW M vehicle with a standard of fuel efficiency and emission management that exceeds even the current levels achieved by the latest small cars. This outstanding result is made possible by the combination of BMW ActiveHybrid components with an extremely economical combustion engine, and outstanding aerodynamic qualities.

some facts:

* 2+2 seater
* Bird’s wings door
* Dimensions (length x width x height): 4.60 x 1.90 x 1.24 meters
* Combined power: 356 hp, 800 Nm(590 lb-ft) of torque
* 1.5 liter 3-cylinder turbodiesel engine placed at the rear of the car
* Diesel engine: 163 hp, 290 Nm(214 lb-ft) of torque
* Two electric engines, one near the front axle, one near the rear axle
* Electric-rear engine with constant 33 HP and a peak of 51 HP. Maximum torque 214 lb-ft
* Electric engine front axle with constant 80 HP. Extra power of 112 HP available for 30 seconds and for 10 seconds, 139 HP. Torque:162 lb-ft
* 4.8 seconds 0-100 km/h, limited 250 km/h (155 mph)
* DCT gearbox
* average 3,76 liter per 100 kilometer – 62.6MPG. CO2 99 gram per km
* Maximum Range: 690 kilometers – 428 miles
* Weight: 1.395 kg – 3,075 lbs
* Weight of the lithium-ion batteries: 85 kg – 187 lbs
* Charging time: Depending on the amperage between 44 minutes and 2.5 hours
* 3D HUD
* No Active Cooling Required

Artist Renderings: BMW S.X. Concept

source site – Artist Renderings: BMW S.X. Concept



The BMW world doesn’t suffer from lack of rendering artists – some better than others – especially since the BMW design language is one of the most interesting ones among automakers.

We have seen in the past several independent renderings that usually try to fill the gap of a missing BMW supercar on the market: M-Zero Concept, Supercar Concept and M Concept. There were also several design studies among the students at several European universities, some of these projects even sanctioned by BMW: Concepts of the future or the LayerON Personalized Car.

Well, today, another talented rendering artists makes waves around the web with a new concept: BMW S.X.


i think we’ve waited far too long for a true BMW super car. is it no wonder that there are so many artist impressions / rendering of what BMW’s next mid engine super car would look like? surely BMW is doing something?