Busy, but so many things to do for my-kart

Busy and multitasking

It’s the usual year end thing. You see, I’m an accountant – of sorts. Our company year end is December. So January is usually a hectic time for us as we close our books and the auditors come in. But typing this down is already boring, so I’ll quit.

I guess karting is more interesting.

Anyway, a few weeks back a few of us my-kart guys paid a visit to Rosedi Kart at Subang Jaya. Subang Jaya navigation is not for the meek, I must say. With all the massive road works and the terminal & inherent traffic problems, you really need to know exactly how you are going to get to your destination. Otherwise you’d be stuck in a chronic traffic jam.

The visit to Rosedi Kart was good, but I’ve written more of it on my-kart.org. It is interesting that there are many people around who believe and want to push grassroots racing & karting. Fellow my-karter Yusnee and I also paid a visit to Brian Palmer at Shah Alam to chat with him about the state of the industry.

In conclusion, there seems to be a lot of work to be done to get the industry into first gear. Unfortunately for years the motorsport industry has been starting and stalling, starting and stalling. A sad state for us fans and enthusiasts. The oil, air and fuel filters are all clogged up.

my-KART is fired up to be a part of the solution… but how? Are you keen to be a part of this wave of change?