11 Movies for Geeks to Look Out for in 2009

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The holiday movie season has come and gone without so much as a certified blockbuster. Thank goodness for 2009, which is chock-full of movies for every fanboy (or girl), whether you’re a Trekker or a John Connor wannabe. There’s even a movie about Fanboys. We’ve already given you our favorite F/X scenes of 2008—here are the geek-out-worthy flicks of 2009.

2009 Movie Preview: 30 Fantastic Movies To Watch (Or Avoid) This Year

source site – 2009 Movie Preview: 30 Fantastic Movies To Watch (Or Avoid) This Year

Is this the greatest time to be a fan of science fiction movies? No fewer than 30 SF films are hitting theaters, and at least a dozen could be great. Here’s our 2009 movie forecast.

Note: As always, this includes a few fantasy movies that are set in the present day, involve technology, or feature an urban setting. Feel free to let us know what we missed!

The 25 Most Anticipated Movies of 2009

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Over the past few weeks we’ve beaten you to a pulp with lists. We laid down list after list in our 2008 Year in Review and even gave you Ten People to Watch in 2009. And while you might think that’s enough. That you never want to read another list from the staff of FSR again, we must disagree. Because if you ask anyone in the film industry, the year doesn’t begin until we’ve properly dictated to you our most anticipated movies of the next 12 months. Seriously, ask anyone. They will tell you that anticipation cannot exist without a road map. And said map must be provided by the staff here at FSR. It’s science. With that in mind, please feel free to read, enjoy and comment on our list of The 25 Most Anticipated Movies of 2009, in chronological order.

Phones to be and stay connected – good or bad?

Technology today is changing at a hectic pace. Keeping up is causing me breathlessness. Damn, I must commit to some workout here.

On occassion I feel like I’m spinning my wheels and not moving anywhere fast. So much work, so little progress. Sounds almost vogonian.

I am writing this from my blackberry mobile phone. Sounds cool, but it isn’t. Blackberry is a form of curse. I am forever connected. Work emails keep coming in. I get tetchy whenever the LED blinks red: “fazz, you got mail you bastard” says the device to me. Very so not funny. If only I could cuss back at the phone.

Being a tech geek, I am forever fascinated by new technology developments. Those in the communications sphere certainly appeals to me. But strangely enough, it’s not because I want to be connected all the time… But more because it interests me to be able to be connected WHEN I want to. WHENever I WANT is the key phrase here.

So I am looking at phones. Today I read that internet godzilla google is creating a linux based phone of its own. Damn. Imagine the world’s ultimate search engine finding people wherever they are! To be fair, I am conjecturing here. But google IS the world’s monster search engine and the phone is the personal appendage to the connected world. Folks, we are moving into star trek world now.

Then there is the mega-cool apple iPhone. Damn sweet that one. I don’t care too much about the connectedness of apple’s new great thing… But I am smitten by its eye candy and coolness (is it legal to use the word “cool” more than once in a blog?).

Then there is the incredibly capable nokia e90 communicator. The ultimate communicator, the brick. This is the one that does everything but make you coffee. It has a built in internet browser, mp3 player and phone and then some…including full-scale pda, and mini notebook capabilities. And then it can blackberry too. A true workhorse. With the e90 I can be connected whenever I want. Only snag is that it is big. No surprise it is also known as the brick.

But I will have to resist the need to blackberry. Or else I’ll be working 24/7! Still, being connected is not to bad…just as long it is not for work. My work life balance is now severely out of whack and I am worried it would get worse.

So is technology a boon or bane?