The key to a successful recovery from this crisis is how fast the economies can re-allocate both financial and human capital

What is certain from this crisis is that the global and national economies will be faced with serious downturns. The debate is how deep and for how long will the decline be. 

Tragically, this will mean widespread business failures and joblessness. The human toll will be very painful to bear. What will this do for our fragile societies, I do not know. Nobody knows except knowing that it will be painful. Many of us have never seen an economic crisis of this scale and impact so it will be difficult to imagine with this will be like. Hope will be a much-needed commodity during this time. Hope that the day after will be better and worth fighting for.

Therefore it is important that we focus our thinking on how can we get out of this bad situation fast and in a manner that doesn’t cause us to fall back into the crisis. Continue reading “The key to a successful recovery from this crisis is how fast the economies can re-allocate both financial and human capital”

Creative thinking and problem solving

One of the challenges at the office is getting the workforce to generate creativity. Our company is in the internet business, and it is therefore necessary for all of us to be dynamic in our thinking so as to be ahead of the game – or at least at the leading bunch.

However, years of rigid education system, a culture of not challenging status quo & seniority, and an evironment of feeding information (as opposed to seeking information) makes creative thinking something of a curiousity than the norm.

The pity is that all this puts all of us at a severe disadvantage compared to other nations.

Yet, all is not lost. The first challenge is to foster this creative thinking environment at the workplace. There are many tools and techniques available.

The key to the adoption of creative thinking at the workplace is top management buy-in and sponsorship. Transforming an organisation from a passive to a creative one will not happen overnight. The changes will be painful. Some may be counter intuitive.

It is therefore also vital that everybody believes in the process. Not difficult given the existing cultural norms. Sponsorship is also vital given that the cost of change may be significant in monetary as well as human capital terms.

But these are the mere first steps. As usual, I have been doing a bit of my own research on the net – – almost randomly, I came across some material that could be useful. So check out – a site dedicated to improving Creativity and Innovation for solving problems woldwide, with that in mind, we provide a central repository for Creativity and Innovation on the Internet as a summary of tools, techniques, mind exercises, puzzles, book reviews etc, that is open to all – and can be written by all.

Feel free to share your thoughts here.

star trek enterprise babe

Jolene Blalock

I first knew of Jolene Blalock from Star Trek Enterprise where she plays the hot Vulcan Subcommander T’Pol.

I was doing a bit of star trekking and got myself a set of the 1st season DVDs of Enterprise, and find that Chief Science Officer & First Officer T’Pol is one hot looking babe. Actress Jolene Blalock is another in a list of hot star trek babes. Somehow T’Pol reminds of 7 of 9 played by Jeri Lynn Ryan.