Must watch video: BMW Z4 vs Porsche Boxster

As some of you know, I have been stumbling over the ‘net for sometime now. Every now and then I would come across some real gems. This time round, I discovered some superb car video clips. One of the coolest clip I’ve seen is the BMW Z4 vs the Boxster.

You guys got to watch this video clip (broadband highly recommended)!

I must say that I had as much fun watching it as the ( guys who were driving the two roadsters!

We really need a small track like that in the klang valley.

bluehyppo education programmes

Just learnt that bluehyppo and TM smart schools have collaborated on education content at the following website:

bluehyppo b-smart website

This includes govt school syllabus from standard 1 all the way to form 5. The materials look interesting, although not quite top notch levels. But this is sufficient to get by.

In addition to this TM Smart Schools have also developed School Management Systems which would allow the school management to use a web based interface to run the school administration. The benefit of this is for parents to be able to view various school and children performance online… and perhaps in the future be able to compare from one school to another.