9 Over-the-Top Luxury Swimming Pools

source site – 9 Over-the-Top Luxury Swimming Pools | WebUrbanist

Design takes on a whole new meaning when it involves the gigantic piles of cash the rich and powerful are willing to invest in their luxuries. From the Playboy bunny pond to gigantic shark tanks, here are some of the most extraordinary architectural creations that come from well-paid imaginations – and deliver marvelous mind-blowing pools that most of us would happily belly-flop for.

a lot of money can allow you to do many things.

and amongst the many things (aside from a private jet, an RR Phantom, an island) is building a completely outrageous swimming pool. the hedonists will probably like this as what is life with a lot of money, if there is no hanging around the swimming pool all day long getting a tan, with many beautiful people?

having said that, some of the swimming pools here look pretty nice. i like the largest pool where you can even sail in it….. the bali one looks good too.

Monticello Motor Club, USA – A Country Club Paradise For Racing

source site – A Driver’s Paradise – A Country Club For Racing – AutoSpies Auto News

I read about a Country Club in New York designed for people who like to drive fast cars, fast. Some people join country clubs for golf, in the case of the Monticello Motor Club, you join to drive fast.

Built at the site of a retired airport, developers have designed a race track with over 400 feet in elevation change, a sweeping corner with a 8 degree bank, and a straightaway capable of blasts up to 200 MPH.

Sound to good to be true? Well it is and it isn’t.

this looks like an interesting place. why can’t car enthusiasts have a country club like the golfers do? perhaps i need to do a bit of research on the appropriate model and economics of doing so. i believe there is a market, but a very small one, so only one country club might be doable at the moment.

Taking a break at Tanjung Jara


It’s nice to have a break. Totally unwind and away from emails, telephones and work. Tanjung Jara is the perfect place to do that. The distance could be a bit of a problem… it is a 6 hour journey – taking into account of stops along the way.

I was keen to make the most of it. The drive was pretty much ok on the highway – not much bothered by traffic. Poor Ju though, she probably found the drving journey tougher as this was the first time she drove (yeah, we drove in two cars) to the east coast. We had to stop at Kedai Kopi Hai Peng in Cukai. Hai Peng is a quaint but happening kopitiam which serves some good coffee and tea, including some good roti bakar and nasi lemak.

The weather at Tanjung Jara (about 15minutes north of Dungun, or 60kms north of Kemaman) was perfect. It only rained late in the evening on day one. The welcomed shower did help cool the air somewhat.

The kids truly enjoyed their stay. Saiful, our third, is not one to mince his words: “awesome” is how he described it. Couldn’t agree more.

We will come back in the future.

Taking a break at Cyberview lodge


Holiday for the Fazz family is a pretty modest affair. Given the five kids we have, a holiday would usually mean a local destination. Since last year our family holidays is a trip to Putrajaya / Cyberjaya for a weekend away from town.
This time round our stay is at the Cyberview Lodge, in Cyberjaya. Booked two joined rooms for the family and basically left the cares all behind. The kids were pretty happy except for our youngest who still insists that we should have gone to a hotel… her definition of a hotel is a skyscraper, and the Cyberview Lodge most certainly isn’t. The kids get to enjoy the swimming pool morning and evening – which is good enough for them.

The place is pretty quiet and peaceful as the room / resident density is fairly low. The rooms are pleasant and of a nice size – big enough to fit a large family such as ours. Cyberjaya itself is not a happening place so night time activities are non-existant which suits us fine.

But I’ve had a surreal experience – perhaps the first time in my life. Last night, I dreamt having a chat with Siti Nurhaliza. This time, unlike many dreams before – I remembered quite a bit from my dream. And strangely enough, today my kids had a chance to meet non other than the star herself by the poolside. Later, I found that she was staying in the room directly above our chalet. Weird. I wonder if I’d have a chance to find out how I managed to have a major coincidence.

Let’s see…