bluehyppo education programmes

Just learnt that bluehyppo and TM smart schools have collaborated on education content at the following website:

bluehyppo b-smart website

This includes govt school syllabus from standard 1 all the way to form 5. The materials look interesting, although not quite top notch levels. But this is sufficient to get by.

In addition to this TM Smart Schools have also developed School Management Systems which would allow the school management to use a web based interface to run the school administration. The benefit of this is for parents to be able to view various school and children performance online… and perhaps in the future be able to compare from one school to another.

Thinking about my blog projects

Gosh I have many stuff going on at the same time.

I have a few blogs going on which potentially overlaps. So I need to thinkof how to segregate the targets / the focus of each blog. I should firstly try to make this blog much more livelier. So this shall be my main blog and should be quite light and fun.

The Mind of Paloque is an interesting blog… it was intended to be philosophical… but how philosophical can one get?? One thing’s for sure, I prefer the WordPress blog engine compared to drupal or To be honest, drupal is not the tool for blogging per se… although it is in my opinion a fantastically versatile tool which does blogging quite capably.

So I would like to keep “Mind of” for some sort of blogging activity… but what?

I also have a blog on This is intended to be a light record of my website visits. But do I need it, given that my drupal based blog here is tuned to the same thing? I think not. So what should I use my blogspot for?

Think think think.

Do more of, do less of

I’ve been thinking of an idea that could hopefully help me and indirectly others improve on personal behaviours. This idea is based on something I learned in some of the leadership courses I’ve attended in the past. It relates to looking at yourself from another person’s perspective and evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. It looks to identify areas for improvements by specifically listing out the things (or behaviours) I should do more of, and the things I should do less of, and the things I should continue doing.

So in this vein, I’d put down the following as things I should do more of:

  • pay attention to the people closest to me: make sure that eye contact and interest is genuine when communicating with them

I will add more as I go along. Also would like to see whether this can be done on a separate website.

star trek enterprise babe

Jolene Blalock

I first knew of Jolene Blalock from Star Trek Enterprise where she plays the hot Vulcan Subcommander T’Pol.

I was doing a bit of star trekking and got myself a set of the 1st season DVDs of Enterprise, and find that Chief Science Officer & First Officer T’Pol is one hot looking babe. Actress Jolene Blalock is another in a list of hot star trek babes. Somehow T’Pol reminds of 7 of 9 played by Jeri Lynn Ryan.

Wonderful things you can do with 3D

Sometime ago I was smitten by 3D modelling using Creative Labs’ Poser. Now in its 6th incarnation, I find Poser something which is still beyond my reach, comprehension and skills. Not that Poser is a difficult 3D tool – I doubt it given the many users – but it is more about me not being able to get the hand of it.

Nevertheless, there are lots of good stuffs out there, as I continue to find:

  1. DAZ3d – this is a high quality resource for Poser 3D models. It contents some highly developed models of people, animals and objects.
  2. then there is Renderosity – which is a marketplace of free and commercial stuff for 3D apps the likes of Poser and Bryce et al
  3. for the more risque (yeah, wink wink), you can go to Renderotica for your fix