Taking a break at Tanjung Jara


It’s nice to have a break. Totally unwind and away from emails, telephones and work. Tanjung Jara is the perfect place to do that. The distance could be a bit of a problem… it is a 6 hour journey – taking into account of stops along the way.

I was keen to make the most of it. The drive was pretty much ok on the highway – not much bothered by traffic. Poor Ju though, she probably found the drving journey tougher as this was the first time she drove (yeah, we drove in two cars) to the east coast. We had to stop at Kedai Kopi Hai Peng in Cukai. Hai Peng is a quaint but happening kopitiam which serves some good coffee and tea, including some good roti bakar and nasi lemak.

The weather at Tanjung Jara (about 15minutes north of Dungun, or 60kms north of Kemaman) was perfect. It only rained late in the evening on day one. The welcomed shower did help cool the air somewhat.

The kids truly enjoyed their stay. Saiful, our third, is not one to mince his words: “awesome” is how he described it. Couldn’t agree more.

We will come back in the future.