Web Updates – Drupal patching, CSS layouts

I am planning to do a few things:

  1. installing a taxanomy access control module
    I did some research on the subject by first visiting http://drupal.org/ and went straight to the drupal module downloads. Read a bit on the taxonomy access module and find that this would require me to patch the existing core taxonomy.module – now I am no expert on unix patching and my linux host only provides me a cpanel access… so I cannot do patching without a shell access to the host. Also read that patching also is a bit of a minefield, so scratch that thought. Let’s wait for another solution to come up.
  2. installing a web links module
    The weblinks.module for 4.6 has been reworked and the directory module has been removed. This is done in anticipation of a “links bundle” which is supposedly better built.
  3. re-designing the layouts using CSS
    There are a few links on the www which are very useful references in this regard. But I think I shall post them on a separate page.

Tinkering with the site layouts through CSS, again

My wandering mind will not ever allow me to be happy with a single layout structure.

I was moderately happy with the previous layout which I named “Tokyo” but that had its limitations in relation to dealing with large size images.

Ok, back a bit.

I just activated the image gallery module in this website. The image gallery will allow authorised users to upload images into a directory, and display them on this website. Unfortunately, the previous right column menu layout was not able to cater for large size images as the image would either run over the menu, or push the menu beyond the limited width. So I had to find another suitable layout.

Hence I am currently tinkering with the “Bluemarine” layout and codenaming it “Bluelagoon” for now. This layout uses tables – which I would like to see if I can do away with.

So let’s see how things progresses. Over and out.