A pointless waste of time

Once again tonight, I stumbled around in a slow and weary manner.

I’m tired. I’ve lost much of what I would call a normal life. Why? Work. Stuff. This and that. So I arrive home at around 9pm. Have a quick dinner… not savouring much because my taste buds have gone. Then I glance at the newpaper I brought home and groaned… “not more reading” — I want to see some pictures and humour. I want to put a small weary smile on my face.

So I stumbled. On the net that is.

And I came across a site which put a small smile on my weary face. The site’s call Pointless Waste of Time – the only news source you’ll ever need. Quite true. It’s a waste of time, but one which gives me a completely whacked out point of view which makes it an interesting read. Yeah, I am still reading and my eyes are bloodshot… but this is funny stuff. Pointless. But funny.

Being a sci-fi buff, the guy’s article about the best sci-fi films never made is a great read. It’s a great shame that there are so few truly great sci-fi films of late. A lot of them concentrating more on the looks of the film rather than the people and the story. Oh well.

Anyway. This is what weariness does to you. You become aimless. Good night.

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