Lost – the theories

Many of you know that I am a TV series freak. One of the series which I follow is ABC’s Lost which chronicles the story of the survivors of Oceanic Flit 815. Each of these survivors have dark secrets which seems to indicate that they were all brought to the island for a certain reason. What that reason is (or are) is subject to a lot of speculation and mystery. For those of you who would like to discuss or understand more about the mysteries in Lost, then you can visit the Lost Theories website.

I find that Lost is a fascinating series because of its many layered mysteries. It manages to successfully blend thriller, sci-fi, supernatural and human drama all into one. If you haven’t seen it, I would strongly recommend this. The best is to get yourself a full season box set and watch the whole season in one go.

I will be waiting for season two to be available on DVD.

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