Useful CSS Links for reference

The following are useful CSS resources & references:

CSS overview
  • World Wide Web Consortium provides the one-stop reference and guidelines on www development and standards. W3C’s CSS is the main source.
  • CSS zen garden is an excellent demonstration why CSS is so powerful and that web standards should be followed properly.
CSS layout resources
  • is a great learning resource for CSS floats, and lists.
  • Position is Everything is another useful guide on how to position text in boxes without using tables… tables are not meant for positioning, although many websites still use them… including this one to a certain extent.
  • Pure pulldown menus provides guides on how to create pulldown menus using CSS.
  • A list apart also provides guides on how to create pulldown menus using CSS with a bit of javascript.
  • A list apart pulldown example as a beautiful execution of pulldown menus using CSS and Javascript

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