Taking a break at Cyberview lodge


Holiday for the Fazz family is a pretty modest affair. Given the five kids we have, a holiday would usually mean a local destination. Since last year our family holidays is a trip to Putrajaya / Cyberjaya for a weekend away from town.
This time round our stay is at the Cyberview Lodge, in Cyberjaya. Booked two joined rooms for the family and basically left the cares all behind. The kids were pretty happy except for our youngest who still insists that we should have gone to a hotel… her definition of a hotel is a skyscraper, and the Cyberview Lodge most certainly isn’t. The kids get to enjoy the swimming pool morning and evening – which is good enough for them.

The place is pretty quiet and peaceful as the room / resident density is fairly low. The rooms are pleasant and of a nice size – big enough to fit a large family such as ours. Cyberjaya itself is not a happening place so night time activities are non-existant which suits us fine.

But I’ve had a surreal experience – perhaps the first time in my life. Last night, I dreamt having a chat with Siti Nurhaliza. This time, unlike many dreams before – I remembered quite a bit from my dream. And strangely enough, today my kids had a chance to meet non other than the star herself by the poolside. Later, I found that she was staying in the room directly above our chalet. Weird. I wonder if I’d have a chance to find out how I managed to have a major coincidence.

Let’s see…

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