Stumbling around on the web

I have not updated this blog in a while.

Things have been quite busy for me of late with family matters, karting and work (yes, I DO work!). As for work, the year end is always a hectic time for accountants like me. Lots of accounts reconciliations to do, data cleanups etc. My finance team at work has been working especially hard as well, with Mr Murphy making sure his laws are being followed from time to time. Now we are getting prepared for the annual audit. *sigh* That is life and we all have to cari makan.

In between the hectic schedule, I had been stumbling around just to take a break from things. Stumble is cute timekiller. Essentially it works by a community of people recommending various websites by topics, and you would stumble from one recommendation to another. What a great idea… and more so being community driven. My guess is a lot of future tech will be community driven like this.

Anyway, in my stumbling I came across various neat sites from the history of Albert Einstein to really cool stuff like website tutorials for photoshop artwork.

Let’s stumble togetheryou need the excellent Firefox web browser though.

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